"If you want to chat with your friend
in calm atmosphere, have Now Break Tea
and relax and enjoy the conversation"
By Now Break Tea

Now Break Tea

Relax and enjoy the conversation

Now Break Tea started in the United States in 2012 by Grand Waktu, LLC to meet a desire in the market for a good, natural, tea with a high-quality taste and exquisite flavor.

Currently Now Break Tea adapted expansion plans to enter the markets in Far East. Latin America and Middle East and within the years 2016-2019, Now Break Tea products will be available in all major markets of Far East, Latin America and Middle East.

We pay enormous attention to the quality of our tea; you can easily identify its excellence by simply looking at the uniformly-sized, shiny black leaves - that is the mark of a high quality black tea that has been carefully prepared and stored. We have control over the whole process of preparing the tea from the collection right up to the delivery on the store shelves.

Among drinks, tea is famous for its incredible ability to quench thirst, and even hunger, reduce the effects of weariness, and draw out toxins. We know how a high quality tea should taste and we want to share it with the others. Now Break Tea can give you a taste of absolute pleasure that is beyond compare with any other tea. Now Break Tea is an excellent choice for a break during a hard working day when you need a cup of fine tea with a rich taste that will help you reduce the stress at the office.

Your colleagues will be grateful for a cup of Now Break Tea. If you want to chat with your friend in calm atmosphere, have Now Break Tea and relax and enjoy the conversation. After a hard day at work full of stress allow yourself the rich taste of black tea which warmly flows inside, helps put your thoughts in order and refresh your body. We want to help you to live in a comfortable world without stress and fuss. Now Break Tea is tea of the highest quality for your highest spirits!

Along with fantastic teas, we bring the opportunities to local companies, mainly from developing countries, to join our network system and participate in the market share in tea industry.

Direct contact: distribution@nowbreaktea.com