"Let's Replace
Sugar Based Processed
Food by Our Tea!"
By Now Break Tea

Caramel Flavored Black Tea

Replace Sugar Based Processed Food by Our Tea!

20 individual foil envelopes
Net weight: 30g

Black Tea with Caramel Flavor is favorite tea in the whole world. This tea is so smooth and delicious with a little bit of cream and sugar. Its sweet bitterness makes this tea great with dessert, or it can be the dessert!

We carefully select our Black Tea Caramel flavor based on quality and value so that we can provide the best teas at reasonable prices.

Nourishing black tea with caramel flavor offered a clear mind and refreshed feeling as you satisfy your taste by drinking this vitalizing, nice tea. Enjoyable with a splash of milk.

This Smooth and luscious caramel flavor black tea is irresistible! The tea feature ingredients that will remind you that tea for dessert is an exceptionally great option!

Exotic and delicious flavors add a whole new dimension to this caramel flavor black tea providing a tasty and often healthy difference in your favorite cookies.

Revitalize your day with the great sweetness and scent of black tea blended with caramel flavors. This incredibly smooth blend of black tea is a taste treat!

If you are in search of an excellent tea, possibly for a happy gathering, or only to give yourself a special treat, give Black Tea Caramel flavor a try.

It is essentially the most flavorsome and unique black tea you'll ever taste, and it's going to emerge as one of your all-time favorite teas.