"Let's Try Our Nice & Fruity
Cherry Cola Black Tea!
By Now Break Tea

Cherry Cola Black Tea

Nice & Fruity Cherry Cola Black Tea!

20/25 individual foil envelopes
Net weight: 30g / 37,5g

Now Break Tea Cherry Cola black tea leaves are well refined, gently packed and conveniently boxed so every cup is easily brewed and unquestionably pleasant.

Black tea with the flavor of cherry & cola, indeed a great blend for sound mind and body.

Nothing beats the feeling of holding that cold black tea with Cola& Cherry Flavor and knowing it's all yours to enjoy. Nice and fruity, it's everything you love in a tea.

This energizing, cherry-cola black tea will capture, refresh and relax your mind after a stressful work day. Try a cup and experience the feeling yourself. You will love it on ice!

When it's hot, it has the finest cherry flavor when warm. When it's iced, the cola flavor becomes stronger and delicious.

Black Tea with Cola & Cherry Flavor is an excellent way to enjoy a pleasant cup of tea with a few folks in style!

If you have a tea lover in your family or among your buddies, then Black tea cherry-cola make a great gift!

Whether you drink it hot or on ice, Black tea with cherry & cola offers a healthy substitute to soda and coffee.

When you think about what hot drinks you want to have in the early hours of the day, or for that matter, at any other time of the day, consider this: Cherry Cola black tea is just what you need.

Black Tea with Cola & Cherry Flavor is available in 20 and 25 teabags with premium taste! Get yours now at Now Break Tea.