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to Take with Food
and Also Great on Its Own!"
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Earl Grey Tea

Fantastic Tea to Take with Food!

20 individual foil envelopes
Net weight: 30g

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey's flavor is well-received considering its uniqueness, yet it goes with virtually everything. It is a fantastic tea to take with food and also great on its own. The unique ability of the Earl Grey Tea to appeal to everyone is exactly what makes it one of the world's best-selling teas for several years.

Unlike the effect of coffee, Earl Grey Tea soothes and relaxes the body almost instantly. Moreover, it has a stress relief impression while simultaneously giving you the exact focus and clarity as coffee. This indicates that Earl Grey Tea is the ideal alternative for people who don’t want to get obsessed drinking coffee at work.

Earl Grey tea is a relief nourishment to help get over the stresses of an everyday chaotic work week. It is a great work tea that brings concentration and success into your work. The bergamot in Earl Grey blend has a tranquilizing effect.

As you drink up a cup of this delightful tea, you inhale the flavor of the one-of-a-kind oil obtained from the bark of the bergamot citrus fruit. These aromatherapy effects have been proven for their ability to ease stress, eliminate anxiety and elevate slight depression indicators/symptoms. What's more, the anti-oxidant elements in bergamot can give a boost to the immune system, enabling you to stay active all day long.

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