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Vacation in a Teacup!"
By Now Break Tea

Mango Flavor Black Tea

Vacation in a Teacup!

20 individual foil envelopes
Net weight: 30g

Black Tea with Mango Flavor - 20 teabags is succulent and exotic, each sip takes you on a journey. Sip on Mango Black Tea and relax after a stressful day!

This blend of refreshing mango flavor creates a mild and strong blend that is awesome throughout the year. It brews into a strong tea with a vibrant heady that affords itself to unique qualities - a steamy mug can warm you up when it's freezing out while an iced cup will keep you cool on hot summer season.

Mango Black Tea is an everyday Tea and a perfect choice for tea lovers – you’ll enjoy a mix of pleasant Mango flavor with Black Tea.

Mango Black Tea is stimulating, light and sweet. Mango flavor is blended with high-grade Black tea leaves to produce an uplifting sip. This tea serves as a perfect retreat for coffee enthusiasts. Excellent when served hot or over ice!

Mango Black Tea will get you hooked! You will love the flavor and run to it for a taste at lunchtime. On a cold day, you will feel the tropical effect of the mango. On a hot day, it tastes refreshing!

Black Tea with Mango Flavor is the type of tea you want to have in the fridge when you are in search of quick and instantaneous refreshment. Now Break Tea Mango black tea is filled with fresh savor, energy, and superb taste you can’t afford to miss.

Black Tea with Mango Flavor help to relieve fatigue, arouse mental abilities and revitalizes the body in shortest possible time.

A fabulous tea. Hot, is good, but when iced, it's like a vacation in a teacup. Amazing! It will give you a steady energy that breaks up the afternoons. Get your today at Now Break Tea!