"Let's Try Our Perfect Way
to End Your Hectic Day!"
By Now Break Tea

Mint Flavor Green Tea

Perfect Way to End Your Hectic Day!

20 individual foil envelopes
Net weight: 30g

Green Tea with Mint has an exceptional taste that appeals to a vast number of tea lovers worldwide - delicious, healthy and inexpensive.

Green Tea with Mint offers a freshening minty aroma with the addition of citrus oil to get you revitalized and healthy all day!

This tea is great when sweetened to your taste. The light mint taste in this green tea is lovely either first thing in the morning or at night before going to bed.

Unlike others, this mint green tea is not overly strong on the mint. It's just the right balance and brews up seamlessly iced in a fridge for a most refreshing mint green tea!

This pleasurable and refreshing blend of mint flavored green tea, and citrus oil will give you a pleasant and refined sip.

Mint green tea can be a lifesaver for people inflicted with a sore throat. The mint helped soothe it. And the aroma you get with the first sip is delightful! Whether you’re tucked up on the couch with a movie or throwing a party, Green Tea with Mint will become your new best companion in no time.

At Now Break Tea, we hand-picked our green tea leaves from plantations, thoughtfully processed with a pure and refreshing mint flavor. Just one drink and you will find our mint green tea gentle and relaxing from begin to end.

So what are you waiting for, open and enjoy the unmatched taste and uniqueness of Green Tea with mint everywhere you go!

Get your Green Tea with Mint - 20 tea bags and Set off to work with a purified and nourishing cup of iced green tea flavored with mint and citrus oil.