"Try Our Secret
and Mystical Taste!"
By Now Break Tea

Pu Erh Tea

Secret and Mystical Taste!

20 individual foil envelopes
Net weight: 30g

There are many types of tea available in the market and are mainly sorted based on the leaves they are made from. Among the varieties of tea is Pu-erh tea which is typically a Chinese type of tea. The Pu-erh tea is made from a number of tea leaves generally known as the "Camellia sineses”. It draws its name from Pu-erh County in close proximity to Simao in Yunnan China.

Unlike other forms of tea, pu-erh tea is especially known for its healthful and preventative properties.

Pu-erh Tea has always been treasured by several people for its enormous benefits. Pu-erh tea contains substantial amount of polyphenols such as catechins, flavonoids and theaflavin, which are known for their cleansing activities.

Pu-erh tea is cherished for its darkish red-colored and organic aroma. It relaxes the body system faster – can be enjoyed either hot or cold!

Now Break Tea pu-erh Tea is clean and odorous. The sweetness of pu-erh is generally robust or mild when compared to other tea brands.

Now Break tea pu-erh tea has the ability to refresh and arouse the activity of the spleen and stomach. Other benefits of drinking pu-erh Tea include promotion of blood circulation, weight loss, better eyesight, relief from dysentery as well as toxin removal.

Pu-erh tea is uniquely packaged under watchful eyes of tea experts, you get a product completely unique: a tea-like beverage that slinks down your throat and cuddles your tummy, calms the muscles and de-stresses your brain.

If you are looking for a drink that can provide you with multiple health and social benefits, you can choose pu-erh tea.

Available today at Now Break Tea store. Pu-erh is packaged in 20 x 2g tea bags = 40 gram.