"Let's Clear Your Mind
and Feel More Alive!"
By Now Break Tea

Raspberry Flavor Black Tea

Clear Your Mind and Feel More Alive!

20 individual foil envelopes
Net weight: 30g

With tea rising in acceptance, more varieties than ever are available. One of the varieties of tea available is Black Tea Raspberry Flavor. Black Tea with Raspberry Flavor offers a chance to get something different in your tea cup.

If you are bored and want to feel alive, then drink a cup of freshly-brewed Black Tea Raspberry Flavor tea. Black Tea with Raspberry Flavor has enough amount of ingredients to boost your energy, and clear your mind for sound sleep after a busy day.

This flavored drink is recommended for people who want their mind and body stay focus and relax while at wok or other demanding functions.

Cool down on hot summer with a glass of Black Tea Raspberry Flavor full of ice. Even if you are feeling hot at any time of the day, ice-cold Black Tea Raspberry Flavor drink ought to bring your body temperature and stress to a normal level.

Black Tea Raspberry Flavor is a treat you will want to keep for yourself! Try it out and see exactly why this is one of the most in-demand teas we offer.

If you’re wondering where to buy the best Black Tea Raspberry Flavor, browse our collection and look forward to a tea that is jam-packed with fresh raspberry flavor!

NOW BREAK TEA Black Tea Raspberry Flavor is available in a box containing 20 teabags, with 1.5g tea each.