"This Rooibos tea is brimming
with loads of minerals!"
By Now Break Tea

Rooibos Red Tea

Brimming with loads of minerals!

20 individual foil envelopes
Net weight: 30g

Introducing the all-new caffeine-free thirst quenching, grab and go, feel-good-about-it red tea

We take tea to a new level using red tea straight from South Africa.

Red tea is a subtle tea and once brewed it yields a hearty reddish color with a warm aroma. It holds a greater, natural sweetness that is unrivaled. Red tea is smooth and juicy with an aromatic after taste feeling.

Rooibos Red tea is among the best healthful beverages or drinks for individuals who care about their health and fitness.

You can savor the nourishing tea over and over without any possible negative effects. Drinking red tea can relieve acute abdominal discomfort, as well provide relief to symptoms of asthma along with similar problems. It also enhances the immune mechanism of the body. Now you see why Red Tea is treasured by countless number of tea enthusiasts.

Now Break Tea Red tea can be consumed by people everyone because it is completely free of oxalic acid.

This Rooibos tea is brimming with loads of mineral like calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc and many more.

Energize the body from the inside out! Red tea Rooibos can facilitate muscle recovery. Everybody really should include Rooibos tea into the daily diet plan. Our Red tea Rooibos is totally caffeine-free, thus it is perfect for individuals struggling with sleeplessness.

A cup full of Red tea right before bedtime will help you sleep better, and removing caffeine from your daily diet, you can also enhance your stress/anxiety levels, mood, and cardiovascular healthiness.

Rooibos Red tea provides you with the energy and many benefits, without any dangerous addictive ingredient or substance.

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