Our Wonderful
Strawberry Journey"
By Now Break Tea

Strawberry Flavored Black Tea

Wonderful Strawberry Journey!

20 individual foil envelopes
Net weight: 30g

Now Break Tea with Strawberry Flavor is truly one of the most enjoyable tea drinks that tea drinkers will unquestionably appreciate. It is quite different from the regular tea. Strawberry Black Tea leaves such a fresh flavor that will let you crave for more. Not to mention, it's affordable for everyone.

Black Tea with Strawberry Flavor tastes practically as fresh as the berry itself. It has a mild and fruity flavor. This tea can be served during the summer and spring - either in the early morning or afternoon. The tea can be enjoyed hot or chilled. A great treat for everybody!

Why Black Tea With Strawberry Flavor?

  • Choosing to drink Now Break Tea Strawberry over regular tea can leave you revitalized after a chaotic work day.
  • Not only does it help you slow down after a stressful day; the ingredients found in our black tea with Strawberry flavor can help you more focus.
  • Now Break Tea with Strawberry Flavor will make you smile and let your heart indulge a little.
  • Before a business meeting or workout, drink our Black Tea with Strawberry Flavor for increased concentration and alertness.

Order your quality refreshing Strawberry Flavored Black Tea at Now Break Tea. You won’t find such high-grade tea elsewhere!

Enjoy the delicious cup of Black Tea Strawberry Flavor any time of the day, serve either hot or iced.