"Let's Try Our Vanilla Tea,
Aroma and flavour mix so well together!"
By Now Break Tea

Vanilla Flavor Black Tea

Aroma and flavour mix so well together!

20 individual foil envelopes
Net weight: 30g

This high quality flavorful tea features all the benefits of Black Tea with a special and pleasurable vanilla flavor. The enchanting aroma and taste of this tea will make you refreshed and satisfied, just like an exotic family vacation.

An ultra-fruity delight that is by nature sweet and enjoyable! This awesome tea can make the body relax after strenuous pastime.

Black Tea with Vanilla flavor is perfect for anyone and people that enjoy delectable teas. Great iced!

The benefit that renders this flavored tea unique kind when compared to other flavored teas, is that it is 100 % purified for the body.

Black Tea vanilla flavor is a nourishing tea and once brewed it delivers a gentle color, and mild scent. This tea contain a good number of detoxifying substances, nutrients, and vitamins, compared to other teas, which explain its mind-blowing acceptance with people who are health-conscious.

A fantastic sweetness and rich flavor makes Vanilla Black tea an irresistible delight. Its aroma awakens reminiscences of baking sweet cakes.

You are going to Love this tea! Now Break Tea incorporates just the right amount of vanilla flavor, enough to get a good vanilla taste and not excess so that it taste nice.

Once you drink this tea, you are going to make it one of your favorite teas. The Aroma and flavor mix so well together! It's sweet, healthy and relaxing the same time.

Our expert tea blenders have blended the tea properly to generate a sweet and rich drink that is amazing anytime of the day.

Black Tea with Vanilla Flavor available at Now Break Tea store. Get yours today!