"Let's Try Our Great Beverage
for Your Busy, Healthy Lifestyle!"
By Now Break Tea

Strawberry Flavored White Tea

Great Beverage for Your Busy, Healthy Lifestyle!

20/25 individual foil envelopes
Net weight: 30g / 37,5g

Now Break Tea is proud to present its newest flavor, White Tea with Strawberry flavor – 20 and 25 teabags, premium taste.

White tea contains powerful antioxidants and is famous for its mood-lifting effects.

Our tasty blend of strawberry flavor and smooth white Tea will keep you coming back for one delicious drink after another.

White Tea with Strawberry is fantastic and nourishing. It's the great beverage for your busy, healthy lifestyle, with the light, clean taste of white tea and a feel of strawberry - can lift the spirit and delight the taste.

This tea tastes so fresh and lovely. Even without adding any sweetener, it’s just perfect!

White Tea with Strawberry is the Tea you wish to have in the fridge when you're in search of quick refreshment. Our Strawberry White Tea is filled with fresh taste, energy, and superb flavor.

White tea is refined and gentle, and we've blended it with a hint of strawberry that's fruity, aromatic and naturally pleasing.

The tea is as well ideal for lunch - delicious and help to resist any craving to eat sweet things. The strawberry flavor is fruity but not overly strong. Tasty and light!

At Now Break Tea, we use only natural flavoring for our teas. Our flavors do not conceal the natural taste of the tea. The goal is for the tea lovers to enjoy the true nature of the tea along with the natural strawberry flavor.

White Tea with Strawberry contains 20 and 25 tea bags of Natural White tea and flavoring. It can be consumed either hot or cold. It doesn't need a lot of sugar to enjoy, but sweetener can be added if desired.